Daniel Smith "Moonglow"


Contains Viridian (PG 18), Ultramarine Blue (PB 29), and Anthraquinone Red (PR 177). One of the most popular Daniel Smith paints.

"Water frees this amazing three-pigment blend to perform miracles. Watch and wait as Anthraquinoid Red floats, Ultramarine Blue settles and Viridian grays the resulting violet color. Selectively blot and lift a surface wash to expose delicate blue-greens. A description of the fascinating light and dark washes can never match a personal experience! Use Moonglow in shadows and as a silhouette pigment and enjoy its reaction to salt application in background washes. Its neutral tinting property makes it effective with almost all the DANIEL SMITH watercolors. Try introducing the Luminescent Interference pigments to areas of wet, damp or dry Moonglow. Look to Undersea Green as a companion pigment. And try a Moonglow sky and long shadows on sunset snow scenes."

Painting by Marita Liljeström

Tom Bjorklund Ice AgeTom Björklund:

End of the Ice Age.

Acrylic painting. Painted with acrylics from Golden Paints.