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AkvarellådaEmpty Boxes for Aquarelle Pans

Now we sell empty metal boxes for your pans. Easy to clean, practical grip, traditional model.

Three different sizes (6, 12 or 24 1/1 pans). Suits most pans, including our White Nights and Rublev.

"Deutsche Spitzenqualität"


GRAFX Art Masking Liquid Pump Markergrafx

Famous Molotow's Art Masking Fluid is a unique masking fluid in a pump marker. Easy to use, especially good for fine details. Refill available.


Masking liquid 2 mm: 6,90 €
Masking liquid 4 mm: 7,10 €
Masling liquid refill 30 ml: 8,60 €

A short quote:

MASKING LIQUID really is a small revolution – the first liquid masking in a pump marker. Fast and precisely applicable and easy to peel off.Caution: The masking should be removed within 2 days.

More on our water colour assortment:

We sell both Rublev pans and tubes from Natural Pigments (California, USA), and the famous White Nights from St Petersburg. We have the complete range of White Nights pans. We also have a good range of professional Daniel Smith tubes.

Extensive range of papers and brushes. For the professional artist and the art student.

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