The Uudeenmaankatu acrylics and DIVERSE

Nylandsgatans akryl och diverse
Uudenmaankatu 11, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: 045-848 5005

Wed-Fri 11-17.30

Saturday 12-16

Sun - Tues closed

And by appointment.

Product news: Daniel Smith

We are happy and proud to inform that we sell Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors in 15 ml tubes. Here is our present range.

Product news: St Cuthberts Mill

Now the stocks are full! And we arehappy to tell that we now also sell the High White papers. The Mill says that the high white probably is the"whitest" aquarelle paper on the market. We also sell the Millford paper.

Product news: Lutea from Belgium

Lutea manufactures, in a very traditional way, water colours from different plants (and one insect: real carmiine from the cocheneal). The list of plants includes: cosmos sulphureus, solidago canadensis, of, of course, rubia tinctorum!

Nitram Charcoal now from Diverse!

"The World's Finest Charcoal for Drawing" now available in our shop (and, of course, we can mail them to you, no problem). Welcome to test them in the shop!

Brause steel nibs - Calligraphy

We are happy to announce that we sell the famous Brause nibs in our shop. Great news for friends of calligraphy.


Christmas Gift ideas

Joakim Hansson has written an interesting book on technical innovations and solutions in ordinary homes before WWII. In Swedish.

Prof René Gothóni's two CD:s with with his own songs.

The Night of the Arts, Aug 20th

Artist Johnny Ramstedt inspires you to paint your own acrylic painting. 6-10 pm

Opening hours July 8th - 31st 2015

Our normal opening hours will not apply during the holidays. Our in-house artist Johnny Ramstedt will, however, keep the shop open as follows:

Friday 10.7
Saturday 11.7
Monday 13.7
Monday 20.7
Monday 27.7

Furthermore, Johnny can open the shop for you by appointment (evenings and weekends). Pls call him at 0400-447068.

Konst & Form

Some of our products are sold at Konst & Form in Sibbo, for example nice sets of Golden Paints acrylic colours.

Charity Flea Market at Jangva's

Buy comics, art books, and even some artists' materials, and support literacy!
Open until May 31st. Read more!

Rotb-art student grade acrylic

Now the shelves are full again! "Basic colours" in 250 ml bottles, and a wide range in 100 ml tubes.

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