The Uudeenmaankatu acrylics and DIVERSE

Nylandsgatans akryl och diverse
Uudenmaankatu 11, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: 045-848 5005

Wed-Fri 11-17.30

Saturday 12-16

Sun - Tues closed

And by appointment.

Our paper range has slightly changed:

We now  have a good range of watercolour papers from Italian Magnani 1404. Sheets, blocks, with different grains etc. Mould made papers to a reasonable price.

Our Indian Khadi papers are geting more and more popular. Easy to understand, they are hand made, made of rags. Right now we have A4 and A3, and also in full Imperial size.

We also sell a "student grade" watercolour paper. An affordable paper for schools. A4 och A3, in packs of 100 sheets.

Unfortunately St Cuthbert's Mill no longer sells their papers to us. The paper mill has new owners, with their own distribution net. However, we still have in stock both sheets and blocks.


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