The Uudeenmaankatu acrylics and DIVERSE

Nylandsgatans akryl och diverse
Uudenmaankatu 11, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: 045-848 5005

Wed-Fri 11-17.30

Saturday 12-16

Sun - Tues closed

And by appointment.

The product range of Diverse

We at Diverse have a simple policy: We do not try to be a complete department store for artists. One might even say our range is pretty limited. Instead of a huge range of uneven products we aim at being the best in Finland when it comes to professional grade artists' acrylics.

In addition to the acrylics we also sell some other products that we have found interesting. It might be good quality Japanese brushes at a good price, Estonian 100% recycled paper or German ergonomic brushes. We really like finding new and interesting products, especially when the quality is right for the price. We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas about products from our customers.

Golden Paints of USA

Golden Paints, of New Berlin, NY, is a well-known American manufacturer of professional acrylic paints and mediums. Their focus is on the quality demanded by professional artists, and unlike many other manufacturers of artists' paints they don't have a studio range.
We try to keep a wide range of the Golden products in the shop - colors, gels, mediums, speciality polymers - other Golden products can be delivered with a short notice.

Daniel Smith

We are happy to sell Daniel Smith water colors in Finland. 

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